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Four receives HUFS alumni award

The alumni association of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will present “proud alumni” awards to four graduates in a ceremony in a Seoul hotel on Tuesday.

The recipients will be Hyundai Oil Bank CEO Kwon Oh-gap, Second Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Min Dong-seok, Industrial Bank of Korea president Cho Joon-hee and Senior Cheong Wa Dae Secretary for Public Relations Hong Sang-pyo.

The awards ceremony will be celebrated by a concert. Alumni association head Kang Duk-young and 200 dignitaries will attend. The list includes former Grand National Party lawmaker Kang In-sup, actor Ahn Sung-ki and a veteran climber Um Hong-gil.

The association awards alumni every year in recognition of their contribution to the enhancement of the status of the university, and the proud alumni prize is the most prestigious.

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