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Actress Kim creates stir over inappropriate wardrobe at funeral

Top actress Kim Hee-sun is getting furious reactions from Internet users who criticized her for an “inappropriate” scarf that she wore while paying her respects to the late Andre Kim.

Actress Kim Hee-sun. (SPN)
Actress Kim Hee-sun. (SPN)
Internet users caught the photo of Kim wearing a scarf dotted with skulls, while she was sobbing at the top designer’s funeral in Seoul. The photo quickly spread over the Web, inviting harsh criticism from netizens.

Screen capture from SBS
Screen capture from SBS
Meanwhile, TV show anchor Song Ji-hyo’s laugh over her own pronunciation mistake, while covering Andre Kim’s death on an SBS entertainment program, also created controversy among netizens whether it should have been avoided.

Immediately after the laugh, Song repeatedly said she was sorry.
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