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Actor Cho heads Gyeonggi Arts Center

Veteran actor Cho Jae-hyun, 45, was nominated as the Gyeonggi Arts Center chairman, the arts center said on Sunday.

The Gyeonggi-do Office decided to appoint a private-sector expert with wide field experience in performing arts for the post from this year. The position has previously been held by the Gyeonggi Province governor.
Cho Jae-hyun
Cho Jae-hyun

The KBS actor, selected through an open audition, made his debut in “Portrait Of The Days Of Youth” (1990). Alongside his active acting career, Cho has been working as a programmer for a theater venture firm Yeongeukyeoljeon.

Also, as Gyeonggi Performing & Film Commission chairman since last January, Cho has carried out diverse projects including hosting the DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival.