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[Box Office] 71: Into the Fire, Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails, No Impact Man, Mentiras y Gordas, The Servant

71: Into the Fire (Korea)

Opening June 16

War Drama. Directed by Lee Jae-han. Inspired by the true story of 71 high school aged students that fended off a North Korean onslaught during the initial phases of the Korean War, the Lee Jae-han directed war drama marks Big Bang member Choi Seung-hyun’s debut as the film’s lead. Hallyu heartthrob Kwon Sang-woo co-stars as the ill-tempered rebel whose entire family is wiped out by the communist invaders alongside Cha Seung-won as the leader of the North Korean platoon that engages the students in the 12-hour stand-off.

Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails (U.K.)

Opening June 16

Animation. Directed by Greg Tiernan. The British children’s series Thomas & Friends follows the animated adventures of a helpful locomotive named Thomas the Tank Engine as he and his train buddies work the rail lines and teach kids about the spirit of teamwork. This animated feature breaks new ground in the series by providing voices for each individual character (previously, the tales were narrated by a single storyteller) and introducing three new friends: a train named Hiro, a steam engine named Victor, and a crane named Kevin.

No Impact Man (U.S.)

Opening June 17

Documentary. Directed by Laura Gabbert. Colin Beavan is a writer living in Manhattan who had common concerns over the future of the environment until he realized he wasn’t doing much about it. Beavan decided that it was time he and his family did something to deal with the practical issues of global warming and environmental sustainability, so he set out on a grand experiment -- to see if he, his wife, Michelle Conlin, their young daughter, and their dog could live for a year in New York City without electricity, take-out food, motorized transportation, or toilet paper.

Mentiras y Gordas (Spain)

Opening June 17

Drama. Directed by Alfonso Albacete. A group of youth are preparing for what will be the summer of their lives, which includes: secrets, lies, sex, confusion and the life of the party. They are unaware that their actions and predetermination once embarked become increasingly too much to handle and that love means getting hurt along the way. The film’s ensemble cast is made up of actors and actresses that star in popular young adult television shows in Spain and was written by the country’s culture minister.

The Servant (Korea)

Opened June 2

Period Drama. Directed by Kim Dae-woo. In this contemporary and racy take on the classic tale of Chunhyangjeon, director Kim Dae-woo introduces Kim Joo-yeok as a servant trying to get in the way of Mongryong’s pursuit for Chunhyang’s heart -- turning the set-up into a love triangle. Versatile actor Ryoo Seung-beom portrays Mongryong and Jo Yeo-jeong as Chunhyang.
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