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Transgender woman challenges Supermodel contest

By Hyun Ji-hyang

Choi Han-bit became the first transgender woman to pass the first preliminary proceeding of a Supermodel contest.
On July 15, Choi topped a search rank on web search engines and the next day, more than 60,000 netizens visited her personal blog, according to news reports.
After the first preliminary trial, Choi posted a little note on her blog saying, "This is a beginning. I do not live in false hope. Still, I can also be happy and can do things…."
The potential Supermodel majored in dancing and graduated from Korea National University of Arts. In 2005, she appeared on SBS- TV "Yoo Jae-suk`s Jinsil Game."
In 2006, Choi received gender-reassignment surgery and changed her legal name and consensus registration as a female.
She was one of 50 women accepted for the first preliminary trial, among 1,200 candidates for the Supermodel competition.
A transgender`s bid for the contest is drawing mixed reactions online. Some netizens argued that "unnatural women" cannot be included in a beauty contest. But some other blog visitors are encouraging and supporting Choi`s challenge.

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