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[Best Brand] Linus offers top-notch app development services

Logo of Linus (Linus)
Logo of Linus (Linus)
Linus, an application development service provider, has successfully carried out 40 projects for companies across various areas, including analysis of nutrients, multilingual education and luggage delivery.
As a startup established in 2019, Linus is a system integration company that creates apps for both Android and iOS, sets up servers and web services and develops machine-learning models and prediction platforms.
According to Linus, the startup gets involved in the initial planning stages of app development in order to figure out the exact needs of its customers. The company also conducts frequent meetings with customers to discuss details of the app’s design, development process and launch plan to come up with a more complete result.
Even after the apps are developed and launched, Linus continues to provide maintenance. The company said its customers have shown high levels of satisfaction, as its after-care services continue even after the guaranteed period.
Linus CEO Cho Won-hyuk has set as a company principle that each developer must work on just one project at a time.
“It is to maximize our clients’ satisfaction and efficiency of our developers. In addition, we are looking to grow together with joy by guaranteeing incentives and treats for developers based on their output,” said Cho.
The CEO highlighted that Linus hopes to contribute to raise the average quality of system integration companies in South Korea.
“We want to let the world know that Korea is a country that produces apps and web services that work better than the ones made in Silicon Valley,” he said. 
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