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MBC presents new webtoon-based drama ‘Tomorrow’

Poster images of webtoon (left) and drama “Tomorrow” (Naver Webtoon, MBC)
Poster images of webtoon (left) and drama “Tomorrow” (Naver Webtoon, MBC)

Terrestrial broadcaster MBC starts airing a new fantasy series “Tomorrow” on Friday.

The broadcaster’s new Friday-Saturday drama is an adaptation of a highly rated Naver Webtoon of the same title created by author Llama.

Helmed by Kim Tae-yun, the director and screenwriter behind hit films “Perfect Number” (2012) and “New Trial” (2016), the series presents a star-studded lineup, including veteran actors Kim Hee-sun, model and actor Lee Soo-hyuk, actor Yun Ji-on and Rowoon of K-pop boyband SF9.
Rowoon plays unemployed college graduate Choi Jun-wung in “Tomorrow.” (MBC)
Rowoon plays unemployed college graduate Choi Jun-wung in “Tomorrow.” (MBC)

“Tomorrow” centers around Choi Jun-wung, an unemployed college graduate, who is unconscious after falling off of a bridge.

While Jun-wung slips into a coma, he encounters the grim reapers from the underworld.

The story develops by portraying the journey of Jun-wung, who works with grim reapers in a team called, “Flashback.”

The webtoon caught readers’ attention with its setting of afterworld officials rescuing humans in desperate situations.

“Tomorrow” is widely acclaimed for critically introducing themes including school bullying, war veterans, and comfort women, which are closely related to the readers’ lives and South Korean society.

“I am touched to see my webtoon series being dramatized. I am thrilled and excited to see the first episode and I hope the readers and viewers to enjoy the series, as much as they enjoyed the webtoon,” Naver Webtoon quoted Llama as saying in its press release Thursday.

Released in May, 2017, the webtoon “Tomorrow” ended the first season on February 2021. The second season is being serialized starting from May 1, 2021.

MBC’s 16-part series is scheduled to air every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. on MBC.

“Tomorrow” will also be available on local streaming platform Wavve and global over-the-top service Netflix.

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