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[Today's K-pop] GFriend’s Yuju debuts as solo musician

(Credit: Konnect Entertainment)
(Credit: Konnect Entertainment)
Yuju of GFriend held an online media conference Tuesday to introduce herself as a solo musician.

She is the first to strike out on her own from the group, which disbanded in May last year.

“I’ve gone through a lot of new experiences preparing for this album, and I’m excited and nervous at the same time,” she said. The album contains the pang of tension she feels from watching the light go red whenever an audio recording or video shooting starts, explained the singer.

She also talked about her former bandmates, saying, “The time we spent together made what I am now. They are precious to me forever and they have been supporting me throughout.”

Yuju declined to separate her identities as a group member and as a solo artist. She said she surely feels the pressure on her to fill up the part that has been taken up by them. “But I also have to overcome this fear, at least to an extent,” she underlined.

“I want to put out albums that are worth owning, and to become singer who will be here for a long, long time,” she said.

GOT7’s Bambam drops 2nd solo EP
(Credit: Abyss Company)
(Credit: Abyss Company)
Bambam of GOT7 put out his second solo EP “B” through an online media showcase Tuesday.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into it. I was more confident this time since ‘riBBon’ achieved a lot more than I expected,” said the musician, adding that he is personally satisfied with the new EP.

It expresses his own world, telling a story unique to him. And the narrative follows through the track list. The focus track “Slow Mo” is about how he recognized a new self within himself and created a world, and then slowly got entrenched into it.

“I hope this album will let you clearly see what my color is,” he added.

The Thai native admitted that he was scared when he debuted. But he came to see that what is important is not where he is from but that he makes good music, and that music can be a link among many people.

“I am grateful and honored that many see me in good light as a K-pop artist,” he said.

Son Naeun will miss Apink’s special album activities
(Credit: tvN)
(Credit: tvN)
Son Naeun of Apink will not join her bandmates who are set to return next month, announced label YG Entertainment Tuesday.

Due to a hitch coordinating the schedule with her next work, she will not be able to participate in the promotion activities for the band’s special album that will come out in February, except for the album’s jacket shoot and music video, said the company.

Following the announcement, IST Entertainment said that only five members will be promoting the album. The scheduling and communications among the six members were a priority so that they could put out the album to celebrate the band’s 10-year anniversary, but it did not work out as expected, said the firm. It asked fans for their understanding.

The singer and actor signed with YG Entertainment last year to focus on acting and is appearing in a cable television network drama that started airing earlier this month.

Victon puts out 3rd single
(Credit: IST Entertainment)
(Credit: IST Entertainment)
Victon came out with its third single “Chronograph” on Tuesday, and talked about their new music through a statement.

It has been about a year since its first full album, and the bandmates are full of excitement and gratitude to their fans for waiting for so long.

The name of the same-titled main track means time recorder -- combining “chronos,” which means time, and “graphein,” which means to write in Greek -- and signals the beginning of its three-part series that is themed around time.

“The song uses the device as a motif and contains a message about time,” explained Soobin. He said it highlights Victon’s charms, which has matured.
The  eye-catching choreography was finalized only three days before shooting the music video, he confided. There had been so many changes to perfect it, and the members were pressured to master it at the last minute. But the results are good enough, he said.

“We hope we will be able to meet more fans and bring out more albums this year,” Hanse added.

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