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[CES 2022] SK ecoplant unveils blueprint for circular economy

SK ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il (right) looks at a miniature model of Net Zero City at CES 2022. (SK ecoplant)
SK ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il (right) looks at a miniature model of Net Zero City at CES 2022. (SK ecoplant)
SK ecoplant, a construction unit of SK Group, unveiled a blueprint of what they call Zet Zero City, a circular economy system in line with the company’s focus on eco-friendly energy solutions, at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday.

Debuting at CES, SK ecoplant said the purpose of Net Zero City is to solve environmental and energy problems by turning waste and air pollutant into resources and energy through high-technology.

SK ecoplant, which has been transforming itself from a constructor to an environment and renewable energy company in recent years, has displayed a 100x60 centimeter-sized miniature model at SK Group’s booth at CES to visualize their energy solutions such as production of hydrogen based on renewable energy, development of fuel cell, transformation of waste to energy.

It has also introduced a new concept called Greenovation, a solution which applies eco-friendly technology to aged facilities such as fossil fuel plants to improve capability and reduce carbon emission during energy generation process.

For example, with electricity leftover after producing renewable energy through solar panels and wind power, the company will turn it into hydrogen and deliver it to clients in the form of eco-friendly energy such as hydrogen fuel cell.

The company added that under the Net Zero City concept, it will turn air pollutants generated from garbage incineration plants such as syngas or biogas into energy sources.

“What we suggest at CES is not far away from reality, it is already being materialized in our lives. We aim to become Asia’s most representative company in the eco-friendly market by completing value chains involving new renewable energy and sustainable city design,” said SK ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il.

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