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[Herald Interview] Young designers launch brands through Han Sung Motor’s Dream Gream project

Crayon Studio’s bucket hats (Han Sung Motor)
Crayon Studio’s bucket hats (Han Sung Motor)
Jung Ji-won, a graphic designer at a fashion company, always thought it was a waste to discard countless pieces of leftover fabric every day. 

Inspired by the piles of discarded cloth samples and fabric pieces, Jung came up with an idea to create a brand that makes hats from recycled fabric, such as Mipan regen that is made from reclaimed waste.

“I believe that the MZ generation spend money based on their values. That’s why I thought the brand I created, Crayon Studio, could add new meaning and value to those who want to make meaningful spending for environmental issues,” Jung told The Korea Herald via email. 

Crayon Studio’s bucket hats were released to the market last year with the help of Han Sung Motor and their product launching program for aspiring designers.

Han Sung Motor, an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Korea, kicked off a new program called Dream Gream Young Designer last year to support young people in the arts field. 

The program is an extension of its arts scholarship program which started in 2012 to support selected middle and high school students with artistic talents by matching them with mentors such as university art majors.

Marking the 10th year anniversary of Dream Gream, Han Sung Motor said it has expanded the Dream Gream program, this time to focus on creating shared values for aspiring designers. 

For young mentors, Han Sung Motor has offered a chance to launch their own brand and manufacture social value-added products. 

“Through the Dream Gream Young Designer program, aspiring designers can earn the opportunity to learn about designers’ social missions and discuss business models with the industry’s top professors and brand directors and process copywriting and contents design with them to launch a product,” said an official from Han Sung Motor.

A total of four designers participated in the first Dream Gream Young Designer program. 

Vano, a team of three college students who studied ceramics and design, said they could experience entrepreneurship, which they couldn’t learn from school.

“We wanted to make valuable use of what we learned at school -- ceramics and design -- and wanted to launch a ceramic vase brand based on that. But due to a lack of classes or programs at school about launching a brand, we felt it is essential to get support from related institutions or professionals,” said Kim Min-kyung, a member of Vano. 

Vano’s ceramic vase (Han Sung Motor)
Vano’s ceramic vase (Han Sung Motor)
Kim said a program like Dream Gream Young Designer will have a positive impact in the arts field.

“I heard that the students who participated as mentees in the Dream Gream’s arts scholarship return as mentors after going to the arts college. In that sense, I think Dream Gream is leading a positive change, giving meaningful values to the people in the arts industry,” she said.

Crayon Studio and Vano’s products are available at Dream Gream’s Naver Smart store.

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