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P1Harmony ready to make 2022 their year with ‘Do It Like This’

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Jan. 3, 2022 - 19:15

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Boy band P1Harmony poses during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment) Boy band P1Harmony poses during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment)
Boy band P1Harmony opened the door to a January music craze with their 3rd LP, “Disharmony: Find Out,” released Monday evening, returning in nearly eight months since their previous release.

In a press conference on Monday, the band said “Find Out” is a follow-up to their previous album – “Disharmony: Stand Out” and “Disharmony: Break Out,” released in 2020 and last April, respectively, and is the last series of its “Disharmony” trilogy.

The band’s first EP talked about the courage to be different from others in a society surrounded by disharmony and the power to say no to the world. Through their second series, the six-member band conveyed a message of “believe in yourself.“ And now, P1Harmony aims to be new faces from a strong batch of heroes in a new world.

Keeho said the album is filled with the band‘s confidence, and added they had melded their metaverse concept with music. The leader went on to say that all the bandmates have matured in vocal techniques and are back with stronger stage presence and performances.

Leading the album is the title track “Do It Like This,” which Jiung described as a “song that has an addictive tune and gives a message that we can branch out to the world.” Intak chimed in, saying that the band aims to bid farewell to the discord by becoming the central figures in the new world.

In addition, a famous dance crew called The Lab participated in the band’s choreography, making fans abuzz with excitement about the band‘s upcoming performances.

Side tracks “That’$ Money” talks about coolness, and “Follow Me” is a song about owning the moment and living in the now, which had all the bandmates listed as lyricists and composers.

Speaking about the track, Theo said “Follow Me” is a song that highlights the album in particular. “I think one strength we have as a group is that we write the words to our songs and come up with the tunes, and I think this shows how truly we think about music. All of us became composers and lyricists for the album,” he added. 
Boy band P1Harmony performs during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment) Boy band P1Harmony performs during an online press conference Monday. (FNC Entertainment)
“Bop” is a song that has a message to enjoy life to the fullest like a game, the words to sidetrack “Before The Dawn” talks about not being afraid of the darkness and “Peacemaker” is a track that is dedicated to P1ece, the band‘s official fandom. The English version of the titular is also included, which is only available via CD.

“I heard that we have quite a lot of global fans, so it’s a little present we have prepared for them,” Soul said.

The six-song package continues to talk about “+WORLD,” a place where an individual‘s most unique quality of personal characteristic gets interpreted into a supernatural ability, which Keeho explained in their W+W (Welcome to +WORLD) video clip.

P1Harmony threw their hats into the ring last October, but the band also made a feature appearance in FNC Entertainment’s K-pop film project, “P1H: A New World Begins,” where all the bandmates played beings from different dimensions.

In the video, Soul is a survivor with immunity, Jongseob is a genius engineer, Intak is the boy who doesn‘t die and Jiung is the destroyer. Keeho played a space-time traveler and Theo acted as an outstanding hunter.

Talking about the band’s universe, Jiung said P1Harmony‘s universe would be expanding relentlessly and teased a snippet of the band’s upcoming music video. “Keeho‘s ability is shown in our music video, and we plan to branch out our universe characteristics in our future albums and music as well. It’s a buildup to what we have done since our debut,” the rapper added.

At the end of the press conference, Soul expressed high hopes for the band‘s performance on music charts and programs, saying he wants to log his song into domestic music charts and notch No. 1 on music programs.

Intak also said that he wants to make 2022 P1Harmony’s year, and hopes to see people dancing to their songs. He added that he wants to meet and greet fans in person and feel their energy, as the pandemic stood in the face of the music scene last year.

The six-track package was released at 6 p.m. on Monday.