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[팟캐스트] (436) 골때녀 점수 편집 논란 / 먹는 코로나 치료제 승인

A screenshot from “Kick a Goal” shows the scores of the program differing from the actual numbers from the scoreboard. (SBS)
A screenshot from “Kick a Goal” shows the scores of the program differing from the actual numbers from the scoreboard. (SBS)

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1. Public anger mounts over SBS’ ‘Kick a Goal,’ despite apology

기사 요약: SBS 예능프로그램 “골 때리는 그녀들”이 경기 내용의 득점 순서와 다르게 편집하여 논란이 발생했다.

[1] Though terrestrial network SBS admitted its carelessness and has apologized for tampering with some of the footage in its women-led soccer show, “Kick a Goal,” on Friday, public outrage over the program is not likely to cease any time soon as additional doubts about the show are being raised by people online.

*terrestrial network: 지상파 방송
*carelessness: 부주의함, 경솔
*tamper: 간섭하다, (함부로) 변경하다
*footage: 장면, 화면
*cease: 중단되다, 그치다

[2] An online post, which claims that the production team’s tampering of the footage is not their first mistake, is making the rounds on social media. The post alleges that the scores in the broadcast and the actual numbers on the scoreboard are different.

*post: 게시글
*make rounds: 순찰하다, (소문 등이) 퍼지다
*allege: 혐의를 제기하다, 주장하다

[3] “Kick a Goal,” which has topped viewership ratings among variety shows airing in the same time slot for more than six weeks, has solidified its position as the top Wednesday night program. The program won eight awards at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards on Dec. 18.

*air: 방영하다
*solidify: 굳히다


2. Korea approves Pfizer oral drug

기사 요약: 식품의약품안전처가 화이자의 경구용 코로나19 치료제 ‘팍스로비드’를 긴급사용승인했다.

[1] An oral drug for COVID-19 is likely to become available via prescription from late January, following the Food and Drug Ministry’s decision Monday to issue emergency authorization for Paxlovid, Pfizer’s oral pill for COVID-19.

*oral drug: 경구용 약
*via: ~통하여
*prescription: 처방전

[2] According to authorities, Paxlovid is an antiviral pill for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 in patients that can decrease risks of hospitalization or death. It is also known to be effective against variants. It became the first oral antiviral of its kind to be authorized for use here. The pills will be available free of charge.

*antiviral: 항바이러스성의
*variants: 변종
*one of its kind: 분류의 한 종류
*free of charge: 무료로

[3] Patients at residential treatment centers or those being treated at home can take the medication with a prescription. The pills are relatively easy to handle, as they can be kept at room temperature for up to 12 months and do not require an injection.

*treat: 치료하다, 대하다, 다루다, 간식


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