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[Best Brand] Forever Living Products offers top quality aloe products

Aloe cosmetics and dietary supplements by Forever Living Products (Forever Living Products)
Aloe cosmetics and dietary supplements by Forever Living Products (Forever Living Products)

Since its market entry to South Korea in 1988, Forever Living Products, the US aloe product manufacturer, has been offering high quality aloe products ranging from cosmetics to dietary supplements to Korean customers. 

“Aloe can be a great source of enhancing one’s immune system, especially at this time when COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. It is highly recommended to take care of one’s immune system and skin health with Forever Aloe Gel which has been certified by IASC,” said Forever Korea CEO Aidan George O Hare. 

Forever Living Products’ items have been approved by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) in 1985, which certifies the purity of aloe and its efficacy. Most of the Forever Living Products have also received Halal and Kosher certification. 

The popular product lineups in the local market include Forever Aloe Gel and Forever Aloe Nectar, which have been produced with 100 percent raw aloe vera inner leaf. These products help the digestive system and immune system, according to the company. 

Forever Bright Tooth gel tooth paste, which includes peppermint and spearmint, as well as multi-vitamin product RG Plus (RG+), and dietary supplement Clean Nine (C9) are other steady sellers.

Its flagship product Forever Aloe Vera Gel was launched in April here via NS Home shopping. It has also opened an official website for online shopping. Some 40 kinds of Forever Living Products are also available at e-commerce websites including G-Market and Interpark. 

Korea was the company’s 13th destination. The company, based in Pheonix, Arizona, operates in 160 countries around the world.

The company grows its own aloe on a total of 29 square kilometers of farmland in Dallas, Texas, and the Dominican Republic, as part of its effort to deliver high-quality product to customers. 

Forever Living Products professionally cultivates some 50 million aloe trees by hand. After a detailed process of inspection, the aloe is delivered fresh to the high-tech factory of Aloe Vera of America.

At the company’s Forever Nutraceutical, a research center in Arizona for manufacturing health functional foods and studying powdered products, all manufacturing processes are directly controlled by the company.

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