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[THE INVESTOR] Renault’s Master becomes game changer of domestic mini bus market

Renault Samsung Master (Renault Samsung)
Renault Samsung Master (Renault Samsung)
Renault Samsung’s Master van has become a popular choice as a school bus and as a camping car in South Korea due to its safety and customizable features.

The Master van, first introduced in 2018 in South Korea, offered enhanced safety and a business solution for its customers, the company said on Monday.

“Parents are relieved to see that we use Renault Master as our academy bus to pick up students. The van has a 3 point seat belt so our students feel safe and comfortable when riding the van,” said a teacher of a soccer academy that uses Master as its academy bus.

The Master van that can fit up to 15 people is 2,496mm in height and is spacious enough for people to move around inside without having to bend over.

The carmaker said that the van is designed with a semi-bonnet that serves as a crumple zone, a space that can absorb shock in accidents.

Some other safety features include Extended Grip Control, which can control driving force depending on road conditions, lane departure warning, 3-point seat belts and slipping prevention on slopes.

The floor, storage systems, wheel cover, and ladder carriers are all customizable to turn the mini bus into a camping car as well.

Renault Samsung runs a research center specially for coming up with customizable features and products that can maintain high safety and quality of the van even when its customized to fit customers’ needs.

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