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[Video] Foreigners and Koreans blind taste test popular food in Korea

Korea Herald
Korea Herald
Without this experience, the team would never have thought about the similarities between marshmallow and rice cake, donut and Yakgwa (Korean honey snack), and the biases we have about  food. This was so much fun to make!

00:03 Dalgona
01:26 Wasabi
02:30 Injeolmi
03:14 Fruit Jelly
03:54 Tofu
04:42 Yakgwa (Korean Honey Snack)
05:56 Chicken-mu (Pickled Radish)
07:15 Dried Squid
08:23 Fish Cake
09:06 Review

Special thanks to Michelle, Jean, Joanna, Jordan and Hyunbin for making it happen.

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