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Seoul Independent Film Festival programmers recommend 17 films

Independent feature “Hot in Day, Cold at Night,” directed by Park Song-yeol (SIFF)
Independent feature “Hot in Day, Cold at Night,” directed by Park Song-yeol (SIFF)

Ahead of the 47th Seoul Independent Film Festival, program committee members Huh Nam-woong and Jung Ji-hye on Wednesday recommended 17 films for viewing.

Ten recommended features include “Hot in Day, Cold at Night,” directed by Park Song-yeol, which depicts the story of Young-tae and his wife, Jeong-hee, who make ends meet with part-time jobs. The film is a great example of how a minimum amount of directing and acting can be effective, according to the programmers.

“The Conversation,” directed by Kim Duk-joong, also made the list. The film focuses on showing the conversations of middle-aged people.

Eight other films on the list are “Through My Midwinter,” directed by Oh Seong-ho, “Not One and Not Two,” directed by Seo Bo-hyung, “No Surprise,” by Shin Sun, “A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea,” by Kim Mi-young, “Usu,” by Oh Se-hyeon, “Yanagawa,” by Zhang Lu, “Drive My Car,” by Hamaguchi Ryusuke, and “Hold Your Breath Like a Lover,” by Igarashi Kohei.

The programmers also revealed a list of seven recommended shorts that are being screened during this year’s festival

One of them is director Jeon Seung-bae’s “Battery Daddy,” a notable animation that delivers the warm love of a family.

In the film, Battery Daddy is in charge of powering many different objects in the house, such as children’s toys, remote controls and door locks. One day, Battery Daddy goes on a trip with the human family to a valley. A sudden downpour causes the valley to flood and Battery Daddy tries to power the flashlight with all his might so people can be safely rescued, but it is not easy.

Another animation documentary short film on the list is “Melody,” directed by Kim Youn-jeong. The film is about people who are suffering from a mental illness.

Five other recommended shorts are “Peace is Walking Through the People,” by Hahm You-seon, “The Way to the Sun,” by Kim So-hee, “Return to Sender,” by You Jae-in, “A Winter Glove,” by Lee Hyeon-ju, and “Pay Day,” by Jeon Jae-yeon.
Short animation “Battery Daddy,” directed by Jeon Seung-bae (SIFF)
Short animation “Battery Daddy,” directed by Jeon Seung-bae (SIFF)

The festival will be held at CGV Art House Apgujeong and CGV Apgujeong in Seoul from Nov. 25 to Dec. 3. Ticket sales opened Tuesday.

A total of 120 films will be screened at this year’s festival.

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