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[Today’s K-pop] EXO’s Chen expecting 2nd child: report

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)
Chen of EXO will have another child soon, according to a local media report on Tuesday.

His label, S.M. Entertainment, later confirmed that his wife is pregnant with their second child.

The veteran idol announced that he was marrying his girlfriend in January 2020. The news sent fans into shock, and some went so far as to demand that he be expelled from the band.

Sometime after a private wedding, they welcomed a daughter and recently were reported to have celebrated her first birthday at a hotel in Seoul. He has been serving his military duty since October last year.

Lovelyz disbands after 7 years

(Credit: Woollim Entertainment)
(Credit: Woollim Entertainment)
Girl group Lovelyz officially disbanded seven years after its debut, confirmed agency Woollim Entertainment on Tuesday.

After a long and deep discussion and much soul-searching, the bandmates decided to prepare themselves for a new beginning, said the company in a statement, thanking the eight artists and wishing them luck.

The performers expressed gratitude to their fans on social media, sharing photos with comments marking the seventh anniversary of their debut and the message “I love you.”

The band’s last album was its seventh EP, “Unforgettable,” from September last year. Its exclusive contract expired Tuesday and all its members, except for Baby Soul, decided not to renew. Mijoo is reportedly considering signing with Antenna, which was incorporated into Kakao Entertainment in August.

Twice discusses 3rd LP

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
The bandmates of Twice talked about their third studio album, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3,” which came out last week, in a Q&A interview released by label JYP Entertainment on Tuesday.

The track “Scientist” sounded refreshing to their ears when they first heard it. It was charming and off, said Jihyo.

Summed up in a word, Jeongyeon said with a laugh, it was “an instant hit.”

Many of the band members participated in writing songs for the album. Jihyo was inspired by her cactus, which was withering, when she wrote “Cactus” -- her first attempt at creating an entire song’s melody on her own. Dahyun, on the other hand, imagined a cool city girl when she came up with the lyrics for “Cruel.”

“It was a bit difficult writing them to go with the melody and the beat,” she admitted, “but when it was completed, I was so proud.”

As for the unit songs, a first for the band, they were curious to see what names fans would come up with.

“I was quite nervous since it was the first time and felt more responsible as it meant a bigger part,” confided Jeongyeon.

BTS’ upcoming concerts cause frenzy in LA

(Credit: Big Hit Music)
(Credit: Big Hit Music)
BTS fans are eagerly awaiting the band’s upcoming concerts in Los Angeles, slated for Nov. 27-28 and Dec. 1-2.

It has been almost two years since the septet has performed in front of fans. Tickets sold out upon release but some became available online as overseas concert tickets can be resold. The original prices ranged from $75 to $450, but scalped tickets started at $233 and spiked as high as $10,823.

Airplane tickets and hotel rooms also were in high demand and rates quadrupled for some hotels near the venue, SoFi Stadium, according to media reports.

Meanwhile, the band will perform the remix version of “Butter” with Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 American Music Awards on Nov. 21 in the US. Two days later, it will appear on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and perform “Permission To Dance.” It will be the band’s first time on the show in about a year and a half.

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