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[Travel Bits] Festivals, sights across Korea

Uijeongbu Budaejjigae Festival

The Uijeongbu Budaejjigae Festival on Budaejjigae Street in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, runs through Nov. 30.

The annual festival, which had been on hiatus since 2019, offers visitors a chance to try the iconic dish budaejjigae, also known as army stew or Korean spicy sausage stew.

Two-for-one deals are available at the 21 participating restaurants on Budaejjigae Street to those who make reservations online.

Each visitor gets a stamp, and repeat visitors can get a special gift if they collect all 21 stamps in the series.

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Masan Chrysanthemum Festival

The 21st Masan Chrysanthemum Festival kicked off Oct 27 and runs through Nov. 7 at various sites in Masan Marine New Town.

Masan -- part of Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province -- specializes in chrysanthemum exports and welcomes visitors of all ages.

Visitors can tour Masan Marine New Town and enjoy a variety of activities, including a special flower exhibition and concerts featuring local artists.

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Hanam Iseong Cultural Festival

The Hanam Iseong Cultural Festival started in late September and runs through Nov. 6 at various sites in Hanam, Gyeonggi Province. The main venue is Hanam Union Park.

The annual festival features contests, concerts and performances centered on the history and cultural heritage behind the city’s famous fortress, Iseongsanseong.

Organized by the Hanam Cultural Foundation, the event offers a chance to experience traditional ceramics, rice cake making, acrylic painting and more.

Workshop fees vary, and reservations are required.

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Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo

The 2021 Gyeongnam Goseong Dinosaur World Expo kicked off in early October and runs through Nov. 7 at the Danghangpo Tourist Resort and Sangjogam Provincial Park in Goseong-gun, South Gyeongsang Province.

The festival offers many opportunities for visitors to “meet” dinosaurs, including exhibitions of footprint fossils and plants from the Jurassic period. Visitors can also meet dinosaurs virtually in the AR/VR Experience Hall.

Night concerts and parades are planned for additional entertainment.

The event is open to people of all ages. Participation fees vary by age.

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Hueree Pink Muhly Festival

The Hueree Pink Muhly Festival runs through Nov. 14 at Hueree Natural Park on Jeju Island.

The park, near Hallasan, offers a chance to stroll, relax and enjoy the autumn breeze.

The annual festival highlights Jeju Island’s splendid scenery and its pink muhly grass.

The event is open to people of all ages, and admission fees vary by age.

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