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[팟캐스트] (427) 유럽 순방 중 프란치스코 교황과 만남 예정인 문재인 대통령 / 2021 세계일러스트어워드 수상 작가 김효은 인터뷰

Pope Francis greets President Moon Jae-in during the president's state visit to the Vatican on Oct. 18, 2018. (Yonhap)
Pope Francis greets President Moon Jae-in during the president's state visit to the Vatican on Oct. 18, 2018. (Yonhap)

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1. Moon to meet with Pope Francis on European tour

요약: G20정상회의 참석을 계기로 유럽 순방을 하는 문재인 대통령은 29일 로마 교황청을 공식 방문해 프란치스코 교황과 면담을 가지기로 했다.

[1] President Moon Jae-in will embark on a nine-day trip to Europe next week that will include a Vatican meeting with Pope Francis, Cheong Wa Dae announced Friday.

*embark 승선하다 [승선시키다]

[2] The president will hold a bilateral meeting with the pope in Vatican City on Oct. 29 before heading to Rome to attend the G-20 summit on Oct. 30-31.

*bilateral meeting 양자 회담
*heading to (특정 방향으로) 가다 [향하다]

[3] For Moon, the nation’s second Catholic president, it will be his second visit to the Vatican. North Korean issues, including a possible papal visit to Pyongyang, are expected to top the agenda.

*papal 교황의
*to top the - : - 에서 1위를 하다

[4] In 2018, Moon verbally relayed an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for the pope to visit the reclusive country, to which the pope had reportedly responded positively to. But related discussions have been stalled after the breakdown of the Washington-Pyongyang summit in early 2019.  Any such visit would be a first as no pope has ever visited the communist country, where the only active religious leaders are said to be Buddhist monks and Protestant ministers.

*relay (정보뉴스 등을 받아서) 전달하다
*reclusive 쓸쓸한, 적막한
*stalled 오도가도 못하는, 정지된

기사 원문:
2. Capturing mundane routine in colorful illustrations

요약: <나는 지하철입니다>로 ‘2021 세계일러스트어워드 어린이책 부문’을 수상한 김효은 작가가 수상작의 소재를 고르게 된 배경과 현재 준비 중인 차기작에 대해 소개한다.

[1] While using Seoul’s bustling subway, most passengers keep their eyes glued to their smartphones. But while riding Line 2, the country’s busiest subway line, author and illustrator Kim Hyo-eun decided to look up from her screen and appreciate the view. Absorbed in what she saw, she captured the moments of daily passengers hopping on and off at their destinations, from head to toe, not missing their facial emotions -- excited at times and exhausted at others.

*mundane 재미없는, 일상적인
*keep one's eyes glued to- : -에 눈을 떼지 못하다

[2] Kim’s “I am the Subway” won this year’s World Illustration Award in the Professional Children’s Publishing category on Oct. 12. First published in South Korea in 2016, the book was translated into English last year by Deborah Smith, who is best known for her translation of Han Kang’s “The Vegetarian.”

*be best known for- : -로 알려지다, -로 유명하다

[3] “I felt quite puzzled upon hearing the news that I won, because it has been some time since the book came out,” Kim said in an interview with The Korea Herald on Tuesday. “What was even more astonishing to me was the responses from foreign readers, finding out that my story is communicated and touched upon by people across borders.”

*puzzled : 어리둥절해하는, 얼떨떨한

[4] Kim’s next illustration book is on the virtue of “sharing,” using numbers as the medium. Although the publishing date is undecided, she is avidly working on the story after her little child is asleep, with hopes that one day, her beloved one will enjoy it too.

*medium 매체, 도구 [수단]
*avidly 열광적으로, 열심인

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