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Korea Herald Partners with Pioneer Academics in English essay contest

(Pioneer Academics Logo)
(Pioneer Academics Logo)
Strong writing is an essential element of communication and a key component of leadership. To promote such writing, Korea Herald recently announced the 2021 Korea Herald –Pioneer Academics Essay Contest, an ambitious collaboration with the research program leader Pioneer Academics, to encourage Korean high school students to advance their writing skills and critical thinking. Mr. Nicholas Lee, representing Korea Herald, sees the collaboration with Pioneer Academics as empowering, and is pleased ‘to continue Korea Herald’s tradition of inspiring Korea’s young generation to strive for proficiency in critical thinking.’

Pioneer Academics is the prestigious American online research institute with a global reputation for providing the brightest high school students worldwide   the most rigorous and challenging research opportunities. Each year more than 4,000 applicants compete for Pioneer’s limited placements. Pioneer Academics prepares students to become capable, independent research scholars with strong writing skills. Mr. Matthew Jaskol, Director and Co-founder of Pioneer Academics, is very pleased to partner with Korea Herald and to serve Korea’s young, intelligent, hardworking high school students through the Korea Herald-Pioneer Academics Essay Contest. This is Pioneer Academics’ very first such international collaboration. Mr. Jaskol appreciates the Korea Herald’s determination to adopt the highest standards, which clearly resonates with the rigor of Pioneer Academics’ program.

This essay contest requires students to think critically, address complexity, and express their ideas effectively in expository writing. All submitted essays will be evaluated fairly and rigorously. The contest rubrics were designed by Pioneer Academics’ R&D function led by Brian Cooper. He explained that the evaluation rubrics will reflect the rigor of Pioneer’s signature research program. Korean contestants will experience challenging questions, high expectations in logic thinking, and meticulous evaluation.

Pioneer Academics is widely respected for its curriculum, principles, and evaluation process in the States and beyond. Backed by their partnership with Oberlin College, Pioneer Academics’ research program ensures and certifies that its participants’ research achieve high levels of integrity and academic standards.  

Benefits from participating in the essay contest are clear. Students will have opportunities to practice critical thinking and to apply their best writing skills.  Scoring from Pioneer Academics R&D team will provide valuable information about the essay’s qualities. A recent graduate of Pioneer Academics Research program, Ms. Allie Yoon, currently attending UCLA, testifies that her writing skills were greatly improved through Pioneer Academics. “Writing is such a critical element to communication and writing an excellent essay weigh more than test scores in college applications,” says Ms. Yoon.

Mr. Nicholas Lee believes that this unique collaboration comes at the right time for the Korea Herald to partner with Pioneer Academics, which is globally synonymous with the most rigorous research standards for high school students. “With Korea Herald’s leadership and Pioneer Academics’ expertise, this contest will be a remarkable academic event this year,” Mr. Lee said. “Surely this essay contest, which will go annually in Korea, will empower young Korean students to become future global leaders.”

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