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Food and coffee brands offer Halloween specials

Product image of Orion’s Halloween Chocolate Pie. (Orion)
Product image of Orion’s Halloween Chocolate Pie. (Orion)

Although normally celebrated at bars and clubs in South Korea, Halloween this year may look a little different as the pandemic puts paid to nights out partying.

The retail industry is coming up with creative Halloween-themed treats and drinks to capture customers planning to celebrate at home.

South Korean confectionery maker Orion dressed its signature Choco Pie in a Halloween costume this year. It launched a limited edition “Halloween Choco Pie,” using traditional flavors of Halloween sweets.

“We developed the product for customers who wanted to throw an at-home Halloween party,” explained an official from the company.

The new version improved the traditional marshmallow sandwich with pumpkin flavored biscuits, corn flavored cream and a pumpkin flavored chocolate glaze.

Not to be outdone, burger chain McDonalds relaunched the 1955 Smoky Double Bacon Burger for Halloween, which is a meaty version of its classic 1955 Burger. The menu is available until Oct. 27.

To add the Halloween vibe, McDonalds will serve all food and drinks in cups and paper bags with spooky illustrations until Oct. 31, the Halloween day. Customers who purchase a 1955 Burger set can get a special coaster decorated with Halloween symbols.

Some flagship McDonalds stores will adorn spine-chilling decor for people unable to party this year, the company said.

“We came up with events like special foods, goods and decorations to satisfy all senses of our customers so they can make special memories celebrating Halloween at McDonalds stores,” an official from the company said. 

The Vanilla Mummy Frappuccino from Starbucks. (Starbucks Korea)
The Vanilla Mummy Frappuccino from Starbucks. (Starbucks Korea)

Along with food companies, local coffee chains launched Halloween-themed menus for the season.

Hollys Coffee, a South Korean coffee chain, introduced three limited edition menus this month, inspired by various themes of Halloween. One of them is the “Witch Chocolate Berry Hollyccino,” a dark chocolate iced beverage topped with berry sauce and decorated with a chocolate witch garnish.

Starbucks Korea is offering drinks using ghastly characters of Halloween.

It added the Vanilla Mummy Frappuccino blended beverage on the menu, which is a concoction of vanilla and chocolate drizzle that resembles the looks of a mummy. 

Another spooky drink is the Ice Gentle Joker Sweet Sour, a cold drink inspired by the red, devilish smile of the Joker and flavored with grapefruit, basil seeds and raspberry jelly.

Starbucks is also selling Halloween themed merchandise like tumblers, cups and bags, until Nov. 4.

The Venti, a South Korean coffee chain famous for its jumbo-sized drinks, reinterpreted the Jack O’ Lantern in its ‘Pumpkin Shak:y.' The drink is an iced pumpkin smoothie topped with sweet beans and vanilla ice cream. It will be served in a special Halloween-themed cup holder, the company said.

“We wanted to provide customers with a different way to enjoy Halloween since large parties and gatherings were canceled from the COVID-9 pandemic,” an official from the Venti said.

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