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Thrive Alternatives Launches to Disrupt The Global Private Market Industry

The private market advisory firm is the first Asian rooted company of its kind, and is fully powered by Asense, a proprietary technology platform

SINGAPORE, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Thrive Alternatives, a private funds advisory firm announces its establishment today to address the increasingly crucial role of Asia as an investment hub and bridge the market gap for intelligent technology for the future of institutional fundraising and global capital markets. The firm is led by CEOs and Co-Founders, Jackson Chan and Gianluca D'Angelo who are both veterans in the industry.

The Singapore headquartered firm provides General Partners and Limited Partners globally greater access to market information which has previously been fragmented and geographically siloed. The firm's adoption of Asense showcases the firm's commitment to invest in technology to better address the complexity of clients' needs which is lacking in the industry.

"Cross border capital flows to and from Asia will drive a significant percent of growth in the private markets industry over the next decade. Thrive is the only global private funds platform founded and rooted in Asia with a local presence in every major financial city" remarked Chan who previously ran private funds distribution and client services for Eaton Partners and Hamilton Lane in Asia.

Chan and D'Angelo are joined by Managing Director and Co-Founder, Robin Tyrangiel, who is the founder of Asense. Chris Lerner, formerly Head of Asia at Eaton Partners, will serve as Senior Advisor to the firm. 

D'Angelo remarked: "We are incredibly proud to reunite as a team to combine our proven track record advising General Partners on private market fundraising and liquidity solutions. We do this differently by leveraging our technology engine, data analytics and interface designed to make the process more efficient and integrated. Our aim is to innovate an antiquated industry across multiple dimensions." D'Angelo was previously Head of EMEA at Eaton Partners.

Thrive has over 20 talents across 8 locations globally which positions it as the most extensive fund coverage and distribution network in Asia.

About Thrive Alternatives

Thrive Alternatives is an Asian-headquartered, tech-enabled GP advisory firm. Thrive helps clients navigate the complexities and opportunities of today's global private capital markets by leveraging a 20-year industry network, premier access to the Asian market and brain power of its veteran team.

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