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KineMaster announces appointment of Suk Han Kim, former Global Business Division Head of Cheil Worldwide Inc., as Executive Vice-President of marketing

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- KineMaster Corporation announced that Suk Han Kim has been appointed as Executive Vice President of marketing.

Executive Vice President Suk Han Kim who has served at Cheil Worldwide Inc. for more than 20 years, will strengthen global advertising sales and product marketing as the new CMO of KineMaster by using the knowledge that he has accumulated throughout his extensive years in doing global business.

An expert in global business, EVP Kim worked at the Cheil Worldwide Dubai and São Paulo offices then moved on to work at the North America office and also head Cheil Worldwide's Russia office. KineMaster anticipates EVP Kim to effectively dominate the global video editing market and play an active role in implementing robust marketing strategies to increase global advertising sales by using his extensive experience. As a result, KineMaster plans to create meaningful advertising sales as a new source of income in addition to existing subscription sales.

Il-taek Lim, CEO of KineMaster, stated the background behind the appointment, "Currently, KineMaster is in the process of switching to a video sharing platform for everyone to enjoy and participate in editing, hence we are very happy to invite an expert who can execute industry-leading marketing strategies to increase global advertising sales."

In addition, EVP Kim shared his aspirations stating, "KineMaster is known as a company with the potential to raise the market value by a few levels through strategic marketing. I will contribute to KineMaster's dominance over the global market."

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