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[Today’s K-pop] Seventeen shows off team spirit

(Credit: Pledis Entertainment)
(Credit: Pledis Entertainment)

The members of Seventeen gave fans a glimpse of their shared history divulging episodes from the last six years in a video uploaded on Friday.

Members of vocal unit -- Junghan, Joshua, Woozi, Dogyeom and Seungkwan -- were in the first part of the three-part series.

“There is no need to worry when we’re doing activities as units,” said Woozi, “I think we’re on the same wavelength.”

Every recording is a challenge, admitted Junghan. He almost thought about giving up singing altogether while recording “Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night,” but Woozi came up to him and consoled after he managed to finish it.

“I’m so happy to have Woozi as the leader of vocal team,” agreed Dogyeom. Joshua and Junghan. Even though they are older, they let him lead and he listens to what everyone has to say, added Seungkwan and Woozi.

Seventeen is releasing its ninth EP “Attacca” on Oct. 22. It sold over 1.4 million copies on the first day of pre-order sales.

Enhyphen shares new concept for upcoming alum 

(Credit: Belift Lab)
(Credit: Belift Lab)

Enhyphen unveiled the last mood board for its forthcoming full album “Dimension: Dilemma” on Friday.

Themed “Odysseus,” it shows the septet standing on a beach with a beautiful sunset behind them. The beach was previously featured in the teaser trailer for the intro of the LP. This is the third and last part of the album. The first, “Scylla,” depicted lonely and solitary feelings despite seemingly having achieved everything while the second, “Charybdis,” switched back to the members finding happiness in small moments of their lives.

“Dimension: Dilemma” is the band’s first studio album and has sold over 600,000 pre-order units in six days. It will be released on Oct. 22.

Meanwhile, “I-Land,” the survival audition program through which the band was formed, was nominated in the 2021 International Emmy Awards’ non-scripted entertainment category last week.

Super Junior’s D&E to mark 10th anniversary with new album

(Credit: Label SJ)
(Credit: Label SJ)

Donghae and Eunhyuk of Super Junior will celebrate their unit D&E’s tenth anniversary with a release in October.

Titled “Countdown,” the LP is slated to come out at the end of October. In the promotion clip that was uploaded on Thursday, the two parodied TV commercials for beds. It will be followed by another comic take on commercials featuring the two.

Before putting out the LP, each member will also drop a solo single.

The veteran idols formed the unit Super Junior D&E in December 2011 with the song “Oppa, Oppa,” and their most recent release was the group’s fourth EP “Bad Blood,” which came out last September.

GFriend’s Sowon to try her hand at acting 

(Credit: IOK Company)
(Credit: IOK Company)

Kim Sojung, or Sowon, from the now-disbanded GFriend announced that she has been cast as a lead in an upcoming film.

She will play a part-timer who comes into the ability to see ghosts after an accident and lives together with a man who turns into a ghost. The romantic comedy with a touch of horror will be shot in two versions – one for the big screen and another for smaller screens. It will be released in cinemas in the first half of 2022 and will be available as a drama on a number of OTT platforms and on YouTube soon after.

Kim was the leader of the six-member girl group until it disbanded in May after six years. The news shocked fans because it was announced only four days before the members went their separate ways.

Sowon signed with IOK Company in August and announced that she would try out acting in the future and work under her real name.

By Hwang You-mee

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