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NK foreign ministry defends Cuba's capture of American, boat seizure as 'legitimate measure'

North Korean flag (Reuters-Yonhap)
North Korean flag (Reuters-Yonhap)
North Korea said Wednesday that Cuba has captured an American attempting to smuggle people from Havana to the United States, calling it a "legitimate measure."

The North's foreign ministry made the claim in an article on its website, saying the American approached the eastern coast of the Cuban capital on a speedboat on Aug. 7 in an attempt to take several Cubans to the US.

"The Cuban Coast Guard seized the speedboat and captured the American who had violated the territorial waters of Cuba," the article said.

"This is a legitimate measure taken by Cuba to defend its national sovereignty," it added.

According to the article, the Cuban Interior Ministry announced on Aug. 22 that it had seized the speedboat and captured the American.

The North's foreign ministry has recently released several statements on Cuba, accusing the US of plotting schemes to inflame anti-government protests in the Caribbean nation.

North Korea has been seeking to maintain closer ties with its traditional friendly countries, including Cuba, amid an impasse in nuclear negotiations with Washington. (Yonhap)