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JMJ Releases New Paper to Help CEOs Assess Readiness for Serious Accidents Punishment Act

New paper urges business leaders to establish an organizational safety mindset as an imperative

SEOUL, Korea, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- If your organization employs 50 or more people, The Serious Accidents Punishment Act (SAPA) will come into effect in January 2022. That gives you less than six months to ensure your business complies or risk criminal liability should a serious workplace accident occur. In its efforts to help business leaders assess whether they are adequately prepared, the Korean business unit of global transformation consulting firm, JMJ, has released a new perspectives paper titled, "Think you are ready for the Serious Accidents Punishment Act? Think Again."

The paper asks five questions every CEO and business leader needs to answer and suggests that anything less than a confident 'yes' is cause for major concern. It outlines a practical and pragmatic way to achieve an Incident and Injury-Free workplace, and provides real-world examples of the breakthrough results that can be achieved.

"This paper drives home the message that preparing adequately for the SAPA is much more than a box ticking exercise," said Anthony Park, JMJ's Korea and Japan business unit leader and co-author of the paper. "The only way to create a sustainable, zero-risk safety culture – and that is precisely what is needed here - is to move from compliance to holding safety as a value across your entire organization," he added.

According to the paper, businesses leaders are familiar with their obligations under the new legislation and have taken steps to ensure compliance. " All organizations have a level of safety training in place, the question is, how can you be 100% certain that, when they leave the training room, your entire workforce is adhering to them?" said Jin Baik, Business Development Executive at JMJ and co-author of the paper. "My concern is many businesses that don't yet have a mature, embedded safety culture will be extremely vulnerable," he continued.

Faced with this increased risk, executives are looking for a way to eliminate serious workplace injuries and fatalities across their organization. This paper, available to download from the JMJ website, will serve as a useful starting point for making that commitment and entering 2022 with confidence.

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JMJ is a global consulting firm specializing in transforming people, performance and culture to deliver breakthrough results and help organizations solve their toughest challenges – challenges worth solving from safety, sustainability and quality to collaboration and performance. For more information on JMJ visit us at


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