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SK Biopharm aims to crack ranks of world’s top 10 health care companies

South Korean central nervous system drug developer SK Biopharmaceuticals CEO Cho Jeong-woo vowed to help the firm attain a value of 50 trillion won ($44.02 billion) by 2030 and make the list of the world’s top 10 health care firms.

SK Biopharm shared its latest corporate vision during an online event titled “Financial Story,” held Friday.

During the event, SK Biopharmaceuticals presented detailed strategies to achieve the goal.

SK Biopharm said the company would launch more central nervous system drugs in the US market, while expanding research and development investment to find new drug candidates and other lucrative products so as to increase sales there.

The company also said it would expand strategic partnerships in the European and Asian markets.

SK Biopharm plans to expand its drug pipeline for epilepsy, central nervous system disorders, mental diseases and cancers.

SK Biopharm is to speed up its digital transformation and the introduction of artificial intelligence as well. The company added that it would apply RNA-based drug technologies to develop novel treatments.

Meanwhile, according to its newly published sustainable development report, the firm is set to strengthen the company’s environmental, social and corporate governance drive.

In line with SK Group’s vision, the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

In April, SK Biopharm established an exclusive committee dedicated to ESG issues and devised new policies to address those issues.

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