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Han Sung Motor opens Dream Gream online merch store

A poster announcing the Dream Gream online store (Han Sung Motor)
A poster announcing the Dream Gream online store (Han Sung Motor)

Han Sung Motor, an official Mercedes-Benz dealer, on Thursday opened an online store offering merchandise made by students participating in its Dream Gream art scholarship program.

The store sells merchandise made by its scholarship recipients, artistically gifted middle and highs school students, in collaboration with professional artists.

Items on sale include note papers, decorative masking tape, travel bags and fabric sprays, as well as items produced in collaboration with companies including Maum Studio, Practico Arte, Itkuna and Filmlog.

To celebrate the opening of the online store, Han Sung Motor is running a special event from Thursday to July 30 when the items will be sold at discount prices.

About 20 million won ($17,700) from a company fund and all proceeds from the online store during the event period will be donated to youth shelters, Han Sung Motor said.

“We will continuously show various items designed by the scholarship recipients on the Dream Gream online store, and make it a platform of sharing with the public,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung.

As part of its social outreach efforts, the auto dealership has been running the program to support middle and high school students with artistic talents since 2012.

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