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Kumho Tire aims to lead local tire market with SOLUS TA51

Kumho Tire's new all-season tire model SOLUS TA51 (Kumho Tire)
Kumho Tire's new all-season tire model SOLUS TA51 (Kumho Tire)

Kumho Tire is looking to bolster its share of the local tire market with its latest all-season model SOLUS TA51, launched in April.

SOLUS TA51 is the tire maker’s first new product in three years, and comes in 34 different sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 19 inches. The tire product will be compatible with most car models in the local market, the company explained. It is a Korean market-only model.

It is specially designed to be suitable for use in different weather conditions across a wide range of hot and cold temperatures. It features the company’s high-tech materials compound and patterns that could enhance driving experience and durability as well as a dimple design that reduces tire tread noise.

The tire’s stiffness has also been augmented to maximize its braking power and stability, the company said. In addition, Kumho has also applied its own technology that allows drivers to notice tire wear so that they can change the tires as needed.

“(SOLUS TA51) is a new tire product that integrates technologies that Kumho Tire has accumulated over its 60-year history. (The company) will have SOLUS TA51 take the lead in the domestic tire market,” said Kim Sang-yub, head of the sales and marketing division at Kumho Tire.

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