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HiteJinro to sell Terra in US, Singapore and Hong Kong

South Korean liquor maker HiteJinro said on Wednesday it will bring popular lager Terra to the US, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The move marks the first time the green-bottled beer will be sold outside Korea since its release three years ago, with a batch of 1.2 million 330-milliliter bottles set to hit the shelves in Hong Kong first, before they are made available in the US and Singapore.

Terra will be supplied to Korean communities in the countries first, where high demand is expected, before being distributed to Korean restaurants frequented by local customers, the company said.

“We’ll be working with local soju distributors who have been helping globalize the drink to raise awareness of Terra’s brand,” HiteJinro said in a statement.

Described as a “clean lager,” Terra has sold a total of 1.65 billion bottles within two years, becoming one of the most popular beers in the country.

“Following exporting demand for Terra in the global market, we plan to target international consumers by focusing on the three strategic countries,” said Hwang Jung-Ho, chief of the company‘s global business division.

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