World Bank and Korea Forest Service join together for ‘green cooperation’ amid climate crisis

2021-04-27 11:46

Korea Forest Service director, Choi Byeong-am, speaks at the workshop held with the World Bank last Friday. (Korea Forest Service)
Korea Forest Service and the World Bank joined together for a workshop in honor of the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund’s (KGGTF) Korean Green Innovation Day (KGID) last Friday.

The workshop was held for the first anniversary of the joint cooperation between the two organizations, aimed to invigorate cooperation through sharing Korea’s success and experience and to promote Korea’s KGGTF project to the World Bank.

The Forest Service drew interest from the World bank by introducing projects such as major forest policies including carbon net neutrality and the successful forest rehabilitation, forest management using information and communications technology and the hosting of the World Bank’s Side Event through the introduction of the 15th World Forest Congress.

The World Bank covered forestry activities and future assignments and opportunities for the forest industry.

Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) introduced forest fire management e-learning program and shared opinions about future cooperation.

The event was joined by experts from all around the world, including the Korean Forest Service, World Bank officials and AFoCo. Uzbekistan government’s forest experts also participated and shared Korea’s policies and ICT.

Uzbekistan was invited to promote a stronger cooperation with the Forestry Service as $350,000 of KGGTF is being invested in the Uzbekistan’s forest landscape restoration project ($178 million in total).

In the opening address, director Choi, “At a time when overcoming an unprecedented climate crisis and COVID-19 uncertainties are an urgent priority, forestry holds the key.”

“The Forest Service will take lead in supporting developing countries and will strengthen its role in climate response through the synergy created by the cooperation with the World Bank.”

By Gha Hee-sun (