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MMCA Art Bank shows collections at regional art institutions

"A Night is Fleeing 4” by Jihee Kim (Danwon Art Museum)

The MMCA Art Bank will lend its collections to art institutions across the country, offering cultural experiences to people in different parts of South Korea.

The exhibitions will take place at Danwon Art Museum in Gyeonggi Province from April to May, Gangneung Art Center in Gangwon Province from July to August, Smiling Arts Center in Daegu from September to October, and Hadong Art Gallery in South Gyeongsang Province from October to early December.

“The MMCA Art Bank’s special exhibitions at regional art institutions received good responses every year. MMCA will play a role in popularizing contemporary art in the country by lending the collections to art institutions in different regions,” said MMCA Director Youn Bum-mo. 

"Issu du feu” by Lee Bae (Danwon Art Museum)

The MMCA Art Bank, a subsidiary of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, was established in 2005 to make the work of Korean artists available for exhibitions at public institutions, arts and cultural organizations, and private companies.

The art bank adds to its collections every year and currently owns 3,900 works -- installation works, paintings, sculptures and photographs.

The first exhibition will open Wednesday at Danwon Art Museum and will showcase the works of 26 contemporary artists and collectives, including Jihee Kim, Lee Bae, Chun Kyung-woo, Gwon Osang and the duo Mioon. The exhibition will run through May 23.

Details are provided on the respective institutions’ websites and through the MMCA Art Bank’s Instagram account (@mmca_artbank), which will be launched in May.

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