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ManpowerGroup expands presence with RPO Solution in Korea

ManpowerGroup’s Talent Solutions team (ManpowerGroup Korea)
ManpowerGroup’s Talent Solutions team (ManpowerGroup Korea)
Since its launch last year, Manpower Korea’s recruitment process outsourcing -- or RPO -- service has garnered positive feedback from clients for completing recruitment at a reduced time and cost.

According to the Korean unit of ManpowerGroup, a global workforce solutions provider headquartered in Wisconsin, two projects last year exemplified the strength of its Talent Solutions RPO service in the local market.

In one of the cases, a US-based health care company was able to achieve its recruitment goal quickly as it sought to expand its research and development center in South Korea and hire 40 new staffers.

While it would normally take over six months to hire 40 experienced employees, Manpower Korea’s Talent Solutions RPO team completed the process in three months.

This achievement of cutting down both time and cost was made possible because the team, solely committed to the project, accurately analyzed the specific needs of the client and engaged in close communication with the client company‘s personnel executives along the hiring process, Manpower Korea said. 

The American client continues to use Talent Solutions RPO service for hiring smaller numbers of people, and the employment agency offered an additional service of surveying satisfaction levels of the employees after they have joined the company, Manpower Korea said.

Manpower Korea’s Talent Solutions RPO also supported a global semiconductor company when it had to hire both new and experienced engineers in Korea as it was expanding its R&D center.

With the head office located in another country, the client entrusted the entire recruitment process to Manpower Korea.

The RPO team worked with the top five engineering schools in Korea to host recruitment fairs and directly collected resumes. Manpower Korea said it was able to prepare all the evaluation processes quickly, with its team closely working with the hiring decision-makers of the client firm, while understanding the conditions the client was looking for.

With its own evaluation tools, including a test to check the colloquial English capabilities of candidates, and with the exam the client prepared, the agency was able to finish the recruitment and fulfill the client’s requests. 

Ideal for companies looking to fill prominent positions or hire a number of workers at once to set up a business presence in a new location or prepare for a large-scale project launch, Talent Solutions RPO is a core strength of ManpowerGroup. It has been offering the service for over 20 years and commands 6.9 percent of the global RPO market.

Manpower Korea’s Talent Solutions RPO service is managed directly by the global group’s Singapore office, its Asian headquarters.

What makes Manpower Korea stand out among competitors is, according to the firm, that it has teams of hiring experts ready to embark on a project. So while it would normally take over 50 days for an ordinary headhunting firm just to form a team for a client, Manpower Korea has experts ready to analyze a client’s needs and the characteristics of the industry the client is in, the company explained.

Another strength is the reasonable cost, the company explained. The RPO service has an entirely different cost structure that allows a client to cut down the service cost by about 30 to 40 percent.

Even in this time of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Manpower Korea has still received an increasing number of inquiries for the Talent Solutions RPO service, the company said.

It is also currently working with a global company preparing to enter Korea, with its entity planning to have about 500 employees, as well as an imported car company, ManpowerGroup said.

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