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Ioniq 5 bedazzles with futuristic silhouette, expanded interior space

(Bae Hyun-jung/The Korea Herald)
(Bae Hyun-jung/The Korea Herald)
(Bae Hyun-jung/The Korea Herald)
(Bae Hyun-jung/The Korea Herald)

For South Korea’s top carmaker Hyundai Motor, the game changer for this year’s business is the launch of Ioniq 5, its first all-electric vehicle built on their exclusive EV platform.

While vying against global competitors such as Tesla, the new model is expected to serve as a key barometer on whether Hyundai Motor Group manages to accommodate to the post-coronavirus market changes and transform into a sustainable, comprehensive mobility operator.

Set to kick off mass production this month, Hyundai Motor held a press tour for Ioniq 5 earlier this week, allowing journalists to take a closer look at the vehicle, prior to market release.

After unveiling Ioniq 5 late last month, the Korean automaker has received around 40,000 preorders as of Wednesday, surpassing the company’s annual target of 26,500 units. Of the total, 23,760 were signed on Feb. 25, the first day of preordering, in apparent reflection of the market’s heated response towards the new EV.

The first visual impression of the vehicle comes from its futuristic silhouette, which took inspiration from Hyundai’s first production car Pony. One of the contributing factors is the clamshell hood that spans the entire width of the car and minimizes panel gaps on the surface. On the sides, auto flush door handles gives it a sleek look, while also enhancing aerodynamic efficiency.

The parametric pixels that appear on the head lamps, rear lights and wheels define the signature appearance of the new model.

The interior design is marked by its “living space” theme, notably embodied by the moveable center console -- named “Universal Island” -- which can slide back and forth, allowing more freedom of movement inside the vehicle.

The electronically adjustable front seats that can be reclined to an optimal angle offer a weightless feeling for the passenger.

Most of the interior features use eco-friendly materials -- recycled PET bottles, bio PET yarns, eco-processed leather with plant extracts and bio-friendly paint.

Polished appearances aside, it is the electric-global modular platform, or E-GMP, which is the Ioniq 5’s defining feature.

By eliminating the engine, transmission, fuel tank and other parts required in internal combustion engine systems, the Ioniq 5 offers a visibly expanded space, including a flat vehicle floor.

It is also equipped with a battery that enables driving over 500 kilometers on a single charge and ultrafast charging of up to 80 percent of its total capacity within 18 minutes.
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