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[Today’s K-pop] Blackpink’s Rose lands 40 million views with teaser


(Credit: YG Entertainment)
(Credit: YG Entertainment)
Rose of Blackpink is demonstrating her global presence, with the teaser clip for her solo debut having surpassed 40 million views on YouTube in just three weeks.

The 33-second trailer is said to be a part of the video for “Gone,” a song from her solo debut album. She performed it for the first time Jan. 31 at Blackpink’s first livestreamed concert, “The Show.”

Rose, who turned 25 last week, will be the second band member to have a solo project. She has also been a global brand ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent since June 2020, and the French fashion house's fashion show video topped 100 million views in part thanks to the idol who shared the link to the show saying "Go watch it with me." She has close to 35 million followers on Instagram.

Blackpink has over 57 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, the highest number for any female artists in the world, and its 25 music videos have amassed more than 100 million views. 

iKON to release music after a year

(Credit: YG Entertainment)
(Credit: YG Entertainment)

IKon confirmed Wednesday in a teaser trailer that it is coming out with new music March 3.

In the monochrome snippet, which last about 17 seconds, the six black-clad bandmates appear one by one as mysterious sounds play in the background.

The trailer reassured fans, who have been waiting for new music from the band for a year.

After losing a member to a scandal, iKon proved that it was still strong when its third EP, “i Decide,” topped iTunes charts in 24 regions last year. Now in their sixth year together, the band members have proven their musical capabilities and have written a number of songs themselves.

The band will also appear on “Kingdom,” a survival program for boy bands that will air the first episode of its next season in April.

Ateez drops more hint about upcoming EP

(Credit: KQ Entertainment)
(Credit: KQ Entertainment)

Ateez gave away the name of the main track from its sixth EP -- “I’m the One” -- along with a group photo on its social media channel Wednesday.

Against moody red lighting, the seven members strike confident poses in strong makeup and deconstructed denim. Mingi is taking some time off due to health issues.

Over their heads, we see the word “Fireworks” -- a transcription of the Morse code embedded on San’s waist in the teaser clip that came out the previous day.

The poster is part of a series of teasers and clues that precede the release of the band’s EP “Zero: Fever Part 2.” In the first trailer the musicians appear in a sea of flowers along with birds chirping, before the camera zooms in on their eyes to show billowing flames. The clip ranked No. 13 on YouTube’s chart of music videos trending worldwide.

The EP will go on sale on March 1.  

Oneus to host 1st fan meet online

(Credit: RBW Entertainment)
(Credit: RBW Entertainment)

Oneus will meet its fans around the world at its first fan meeting session, slated for Feb. 28.

It unveiled a poster Wednesday for the event, titled “Between the Earth and the Moon,” which will be broadcast live via its channel on Naver’s V Live. 

The Earth symbolizes the band, and the Moon refers to their official fandom community, To Moon. The bandmates are wearing school uniforms and studying in a classroom, reflecting how much they want to study and learn more about their fans, according to the company.

The six-piece act debuted two years ago and released its first studio album, “Devil,” in January. The album ranked No. 2 on iTunes’ K-pop albums chart and the lead track, “No Diggity,” claimed the second spot on the songs chart, between BTS’ “Dynamite” and Blackpink’s “Ice Cream.”

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