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Yuhan-Kimberly appoints Chin Jae-seung as new CEO

Newly appointed Yuhan-Kimberly CEO Chin Jae-seung (Yuhan-Kimberly)
Newly appointed Yuhan-Kimberly CEO Chin Jae-seung (Yuhan-Kimberly)

Yuhan-Kimberly will get a new chief executive on Friday -- Chin Jae-seung, the company’s vice president of marketing and innovation. He will replace Choe Kyoo-bok as CEO.

The appointment of Chin was decided at a board meeting in December.

According to Yuhan-Kimberly, Chin, 56, has served in several management roles since joining the company in 1989.

After years in product research and development, the executive has since 2010 led business segments including baby and child care, feminine and senior care as well as online sales, the company said.

He was also the R&D director for the North Asian region in 2003 and general manager for household care products for the North American region in 2016, according to Yuhan-Kimberly.

Yuhan-Kimberly said Chin was behind the company’s environmentally friendly products, as well as the White sanitary pad and Huggies Naturemade diapers.

Chin majored in applied physics at Hanyang University and later received an executive MBA degree from Seoul National University.

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