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[Best Brand] 100 Classics offers customized English learning for kids

English Education / 100 Classics

A promotional poster of 100 Classics. (100 Classics)
A promotional poster of 100 Classics. (100 Classics)
100 Classics is an English education service brand for children and teenagers not only in Korea, but also the US and Japan.

Owned by education company In Times In, 100 Classics provides a systematic program that helps students with reading, writing and discussions in English, in addition to consulting services for those applying to prestigious schools in the US. 

100 Classics helps students enhance their English communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, writing and debating skills, which are essential in today’s interconnected world.

The service uses only books selected by the US National Council of Teachers of English and education boards of certain US states, and helps students deepen their understanding of the literature using workbooks it developed with researchers in both Korea and abroad.

It also takes pride in its self-developed 12-stage curriculum for students from second grade to high school seniors.

Students experience customized learning based on their levels, enjoy discussions and quizzes with their peers and learn through active participation, the company said.

100 Classics CEO Lee Yong-hoon
100 Classics CEO Lee Yong-hoon
100 Classics provides student achievement reports based on numbers such as the amount of English vocabulary a student has learned in each level.

Since the vocabulary that students learn at 100 Classics includes essential TOEFL, SSAT, and SAT words, it also helps them with school and tests, making it popular among parents.

To encourage students, 100 Classics offers awards and certification programs, hosts Halloween and Christmas events, and manages a group of senior student reporters.

The 100 Classics program has been highly recommended by students who have been admitted to Harvard, Yale and Stanford University; continues to produce high scorers on TOEFL, SSAT, SAT, and successful applicants to prestigious boarding schools such as St. Paul’s School and Choate Rosemary Hall.
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