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Samsung set to introduce more customizable appliances

A model enjoys using Sasmung's Bespoke products at home.(Samsung Electronics)
A model enjoys using Sasmung's Bespoke products at home.(Samsung Electronics)
Samsung Electronics is set to further expand its customizable home appliance lineup, putting greater emphasis on the personal tastes of consumers through its product design and development.

On Wednesday, the tech giant said it has added Cube Air, Samsung’s conventional air purifier model, to the Bespoke category, and unveiled a total of eight combinations of panel colors and patterns for the customizable air purifier.

“The Bespoke Cube Air provides a sense of unity when it’s installed together with the Bespoke refrigerator in terms of home interior,” Samsung explained.

The company is also launching a pet care edition of the Bespoke Cube Air for the growing number of households raising pets. The pet edition is designed with an ultrafine filter to remove pet hair and a deodorant filter to get rid of pet smells. 

Bespoke Cube Air (Samsung Electronics)
Bespoke Cube Air (Samsung Electronics)

The Bespoke brand was launched in 2019 as Samsung introduced the first refrigerator with consumer options to choose the colors and materials of the panels and configurations.

The Bespoke fridge series accounted for 65 percent of Samsung’s total fridge sales in the domestic market from June 2019 through October, according to the company.

The brand was part of a bigger lifestyle-focused business dubbed “#Project PRISM,” which Samsung proclaimed its strategy change for the consumer electronics unit.

Samsung also announced its campaign in line with the new trend of home appliances being tailored to individuals’ needs, promoting the Bespoke products favored by millennials, as people tend to stay at home amid the pandemic.

“The ‘personal taste-based’ lineup also includes portable induction The Plate and the Bespoke Cube Fridge, which are steadily gaining popularity,” the company said. “Samsung will introduce new types of such products for cooking and fashion next year.”

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