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[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

Good Neighbor
Opened Nov. 25
Directed by Lee Hwan-kyung

Agent Dae-kwon (Jung Woo) is tasked with watching over influential opposition party politician Lee Eui-sik (Oh Dal-su), who seems to have plans to run in the next presidential election, and his family 24/7. Dae-kwon moves into a house next door and slowly becomes a neighbor close to the politician and his family.

Opened Nov. 20
Directed by Aneesh Chaganty

Diane (Sarah Paulson) gives birth prematurely to her daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen). Seventeen years later, Diane homeschools her wheelchair-bound daughter. Chloe’s mother seems oddly protective of her daughter, but they appear to live a happy life. One day, Chloe discovers a prescription of green pills in a grocery bag and becomes suspicious of her mom. 

The Tax Collector
Opened Nov. 18
Crime, Action
Directed by David Ayer

David (Bobby Soto) and Creeper (Shia LaBeouf) work as “tax collectors” who collect a cut of the profits from 43 local gangs for a crime lord named Wizard. Wizard’s old rival returns to Los Angeles from Mexico and attempts to overtake the crime lord’s business. David is also put into a situation where he has to desperately protect his family from the old rival.

Opened Nov. 4
Crime, Comedy
Directed by Park Jung-bae

Kang Dong-goo (Lee Je-hoon) is a genius thief of ancient treasures and works with an expert in ancient tomb murals, Dr. Jones (Cho Woo-jin), and legendary excavation expert Sabdari (Lim Won-hee). One day, Kang meets an ancient art expert, Ms. Yoon (Shin Hye-sun), and puts together a team for the dangerous job of stealing the Korean version of Excalibur in the royal tomb Seolleung in Seoul for Ms. Yoon’s boss.