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Renault Samsung's SM6 gains popularity with new powertrain

Renault Samsung Motors SM6 (Renault Samsung Motors)
Renault Samsung Motors SM6 (Renault Samsung Motors)
The revamped version of the SM6 is gaining popularity for its new powertrain, Renault Samsung Motors said Tuesday.

First released in 2016, the automaker presented the revamped version of the new SM6 in July this year, with upgrades in its powertrains.

The automaker said it took three and six months to present the upgraded mode, to take in and reflect the opinions of its customers. For the development of the facelifted SM6, the company plowed in 230 billion won ($208 million), Renault Samsung said.

The New SM6 is offered with TCe 300 and TC3 260 Turbo gasoline engines. The TC3 300 model exerts up to 225 horsepower and a maximum torque of 30.6 kilogram-meter.

The TCe 260 model facilitates a four-cylinder engine, with 1.3-liter Turbo engine that can exert a torque of up to 26.4 kilogram-meter.

The New SM6 also embraces an Advanced Driver Assistance System, including Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering Assist, the automaker said.

“The new SM6 is a new model that has been developed from a long period of studies, taking in the opinions of the customers,” a Renault Samusng official said.

“We tried to upgrade in all details from the driving capabilities to the riding experiences and design.”

All trims of SM6 is equipped with pure vision headlamps, the company added.

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