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[Advertising Awards] SK supports good influence of MZ generation

Hong Kyung-pyo, vice president of SK holdings' Brand Management Dept.
Hong Kyung-pyo, vice president of SK holdings' Brand Management Dept.


By Hong Kyung-pyo
Vice president of Brand Management Dept.

First of all, I would like to express our gratitude for giving us the Korea Herald Advertising Awards Grand Prize, which will no doubt boost SK holdings’ brand management activities.

SK is pursuing greater happiness for all of us by creating social values, with the belief that sustainable management is possible in a sustainable society.

This year’s OK! SK campaign is designed to make it easier for more people to understand and empathize with SK’s efforts to create social value.

Under the slogan “I am influencer,” OK! SK campaign contains a message that says, “The big and small practices we do in our daily lives are social values, and that you, who practice them, have good influence on ourselves and society.”

The MZ generation, millennials and Generation Z, who are more interested in “good influence” than anyone else, is the main character of the SK campaign.

We are confident that we can create a virtuous circle in our society if we support the good influence of the MZ generation, such as by using a tumbler instead of a disposable cup and an eco-bag instead of a vinyl.

Targeting the MZ generation, this year’s OK! SK campaign actively collected the opinions of members of the MZ generation from the pre-planning stage.

The relatively difficult concept of “social value” has been replaced with the word “good influence” tailored to the perspective of the MZ generation, making it easier for not only the MZ generation, but also various generations, to understand.

In addition, the consensus was further enhanced by utilizing a sensational editing technique reminiscent of pop illustrations and music videos that were not seen in existing corporate PR advertisements.

SK has been delivering various “happiness” of our society through the OK! SK campaign for more than 20 years since 1998. SK will continue to make efforts for greater happiness in our society.