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[Advertising Awards] SK Innovation pursues green strategy for sustainable growth


By Lim Su-kil
Head of PR Office

SK Innovation is pursuing its “Green Balance 2030” initiative with full force to seek growth through an eco-friendly business management strategy. SK Innovation sends gratitude to all who supported our corporate public relations campaign “Hi !nnovation -- Save Ink.”

SK Innovation’s “Hi !nnovation -- Save Ink” advertisement (SK Innovation)
SK Innovation’s “Hi !nnovation -- Save Ink” advertisement (SK Innovation)

SK Innovation, which aims to go beyond its energy and petrochemical businesses and open up the future of sustainability, has launched an integrated brand, “Hi !nnovation,” across its business areas. To portray SK Innovation’s earnest efforts to become an eco-friendly company, for this year, it has initiated “Hi !nnovation -- Save Ink” advertisement campaign.

Unlike previous advertisements, where companies printed messages and images they wanted to deliver to the audience in vibrant colors, the Hi !nnovation -- Save Ink advertisement campaign minimized the amount of ink needed for printing in order to reduce carbon emissions and hazardous materials that occur from ink production and the disposal of used-up ink containers.

SK Innovation restrained its urge prioritise sophisticated and stylish visuals, and instead used fonts and images that required the least amount of ink to express the company’s sincere determination towards eco-friendliness.

According to an experiment conducted by a certified institution, SK Innovation’s advertisement reduced the amount of ink 90 percent compared to a typical printed advertisement. 

Lim Su-kil, head of PR Office of SK Innovation (SK Innovation)
Lim Su-kil, head of PR Office of SK Innovation (SK Innovation)

To call for real actions, not words, to protect the environment, SK Innovation inserted an ad copy “It’s time to Act.”

SK Innovation plans to launch a series of communication activities and we ask for your continued support and interest.

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the readers and officials of The Korea Herald who gave SK Innovation the honor to receive this award.