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Nexon offers therapy to help employees overcome coronavirus blues

Nexon’s healing center, “Hue” (Nexon)
Nexon’s healing center, “Hue” (Nexon)

Nexon said Thursday that it is offering a therapy program to care for the mental health of employees who are experiencing emotional swings as the pandemic drags on.

According to the South Korean game company, its psychotherapy program, “Reading My Mind,” which has been running since 2017, provides employees with therapy sessions where they can talk about stress they are experiencing around work, personal relationships and family.

“Since March, Nexon expanded its therapy program to non-face-to-face platforms. Employees can participate in the therapy by phone or video. Also, the program offers late night or emergency sessions,” a company official said.

According to Nexon, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 43 percent of participants have expressed psychological or emotional issues such as depression during sessions, up 12 percentage points on-year. Due to continued telecommuting and limits on outdoor activities, new topics have emerged such as loneliness and anxiety issues.

“So many changes happened in our lives after the pandemic and more employees are expressing their psychological difficulties. Nexon will take care of the minds of its employees in different ways so that they can weather out this difficult time,” said Yang Eun-sook, the senior manager of Nexon in charge of “Reading My Mind.”

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