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[Advertising Awards] Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority strengthens national competitiveness


By Kim Jae Beom
Director of Media & Culture Division

I am delighted that the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority (IFEZA) has been given the Industry Award for Investment Attraction from The Korea Herald this year. The award is significant for recognizing IFEZA’s efforts, which started as Korea’s first free economic zone in October 2003 and marked its 17th anniversary this year, to strengthen national competitiveness through the discovery of new growth engines that will advance into the world’s top three free economic zones through public relations.

IFEZ has emerged as a global luxury city from Korea’s “representative FEZ” as well as a key area driving the future of Incheon and the economic growth of Korea. Foreign direct investment in the zone reached $18.3 billion as of the end of last year, composing 70 percent of investments in all of Korea’s seven free economic zones, suggesting a role model for investment attraction. With fifteen UN and international organizations, including the GCF (Green Climate Fund), the World Bank Korea Office, and the A-WEB (Association of World Elections Bodies), having moved into the IFEZ, it is now a hub of international organizations. 

Director of Media & Culture Division Kim Jae Beom
Director of Media & Culture Division Kim Jae Beom
Though IFEZ has made a lot of achievements over the past 17 years with the support of many people, it has also contributed greatly in the form of promotion through advertising. In its early days, the public became informed of IFEZ’s importance thanks to continuous advertising efforts. With this award, the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority will continue to do its best to attract more foreign investors to the IFEZ through more diverse, accurate and objective advertising and to inform the world of its strengths.