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[Advertising Awards] GS Caltex gives energy to public amid COVID-19 outbreak


By Lee Sang-hun
Vice president of Public Relations 

First, I feel grateful to receive the gold prize for this year’s The Korea Herald Advertising Awards and there is no doubt that this would become a great energy for GS Caltex to carry out its communication activities in the future.

In 2009, GS Caltex set its corporate brand image as “Energy for sustainable life” and developed “I am your Energy” as a brand slogan to facilitate better communication with customers. 

(GS Caltex)
(GS Caltex)

In March that year, GS Caltex’s “I am your Energy” advertisement campaign, which started with an adorable scene of children having a bath, enjoyed a successful launch as the advertisement’s approach differentiated itself from those from conventional energy companies, grabbing the customers’ attention and evoking their empathy.

Based on the positive response, GS Caltex has since continuously delivered messages to customers, drawing out natural empathy from viewers.

By using the word “energy” to carry both a literal sense (of our products) and connotative meaning (of boosting one’s spirit), the campaign was well received not only by the general public but also experts as a campaign that was approachable and relevant to everyone. 

Lee Sang-hun, Vice president of Public Relations of GS Caltex
Lee Sang-hun, Vice president of Public Relations of GS Caltex

To this year, GS Caltex’s “I am your Energy” campaign still continues, under the theme of “Everything in this world is someone’s energy.”

At this difficult time of coronavirus outbreak, GS Caltex ran the “Everything in this world is someone’s energy” advertisement in the first half of this year which depicted heart-warming scenes of people putting others before themselves.

Once again, let me express my gratitude for this award and GS Caltex will continue and improve its campaign to uphold the reputation of this award.