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Coupang claims facts distorted over death of contract worker


Coupang, an e-commerce giant, issued a statement Tuesday claiming that facts surrounding the death of a contract worker were being distorted.

Denying claims that the short-term worker had died of overwork, Coupang said it will take strong actions against those who spread distortions.

On Oct. 12, the short-term contract worker, who worked at Coupang’s Daegu Logistics Center, was found dead after returning home at around 6 a.m. Over this, there have been claims that the worker died of overwork from sorting the packages for delivery.

Coupang denid the claim, saying that the worker was actually in charge of packaging duties.

“Coupang has 4,400 workers who take charge of the sorting work,” the company said.

Coupang also said that claims that the worker suffered from “murderous” level of work to become a permanent employee were false.

“We continuously make offers to convert contract workers to regular positions, and we also suggested a regular post to the worker more than 20 times last month,” Coupang said, adding that it does not have the right to force part time workers to take shifts nor give disadvantages for not coming to work.

Coupang denied claims that the worker was on duty for 55.8 hours per week, saying it bans all workers, including irregular staff, from working over 52 hours per week.

According to the e-commerce platform operator, the contract employee worked an average of 44 hours per week, and the longest work week recorded by him was 52.5 hours.

“There are some who are twisting the facts to frame the regrettable death as an overwork case of a courier,” a Coupang official said. “On such distortion of facts, we will take strong actions.”

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