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Nongshim releases first new “kkang” snack in 47 years

South Korean food maker Nongshim said Monday it has released a new corn-flavored snack, called “Oksusu kkang.”

It marks the first new addition to the company’s signature “kkang” series in 47 years after “Goguma kkang,” its beloved sweet potato flavored snack.

Taking the shape of a corn on the cob, the new crackers have been described as sweet and nutty with a crunchy texture.

Nongshim said that the “kkang” crackers have stood the test of time thanks to the familiar flavors, such as shrimp, potato, onion and sweet potato, and explained that corn has been chosen for the new flavor given its popularity with all genders and age groups.

Both “Oksusu kkang” and “Goguma kkang,” came after Nongshim’s shrimp cracker “Saewoo kkang” was released in 1971.

Earlier this year, the “kkang” crackers enjoyed a surge in popularity when K-pop star Rain was hired as the spokesperson for “Saewoo kkang” after his similary named song “Gang” went virla. In July, the “kkang” snackers generated over 10 billion won ($8.9 million) in sales for the first time.

By Yim Hyun-su (