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LG joins tailorable home appliance market with Objet Collection

Models showcase LG Objet Collection during an online luanch show on Thursday. (LG Electronics)
Models showcase LG Objet Collection during an online luanch show on Thursday. (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics on Thursday announced a new lineup of tailorable home appliances under the brand Objet, joining the growing market for customizable consumer electronics.

The company unveiled 11 new products, including a convertible refrigerator, dishwasher, lightwave oven, water purifier, washing machine and clothes care machine.

Those products under LG Objet Collection offer a number of customizable options, letting consumers choose colors, materials and arrangements of functions to make the home appliances better fit home interiors.

The convertible refrigerator by LG is being launched in the Korean market for the first time. The convertible fridge offers three types of one-door fridges each for refrigeration, freeze and kimchi storage. Consumers can pick needed fridges and set them as a single product. The colors and materials of the fridge doors are also up to consumers.

LG has partnered with Pantone Color Institute to offer consumers as many as 13 colors. Through the partnership, LG has learned that the baby boomers prefer colors like green, silver and matt black, while the millennial generation likes beige, pink and mint.

In addition to the colors, the company will offer various materials, including Fenix, stainless, glass and metal. This gives consumers a total of 145 different sets of fridge products.

“The LG Objet Collection is a new series of home appliances for interior spaces,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of home appliances business at LG. “The lineup would provide new experiences and value with differentiated designs added to LG’s outstanding home appliance technologies.”

Samsung Electronics first introduced its customizable home appliance brand Bespoke last year. 

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