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Lee Jong-hyun seeking to create shared value through innovative activities

Lee Jong-hyun
Lee Jong-hyun
“We will act as a change maker that delivers change for social innovation with entrepreneurship,” said Lee Jong-hyun, managing director of Social Enterprise Network (SEN).

Lee received a regional innovator award for taking the role of a regional innovator from the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development (PCBND), a committee pushing for people-centered development.

The PCBND selected the finalist on Aug. 21 after going through first and second evaluation and verification processes, checking the candidates’ value-creating power, idea innovation and social influence.

Lee was credited for establishing a foundation for community-led independent growth and nurturing local innovative talents. His role as a social innovative change maker resulted in delivering changes and creating social value.

Cho Sang-mi, professor of social welfare at Ewha Womans University, recommended Lee as a regional innovator.

“He is leading changes with different ideas about existing customs and values,” Cho said, describing him as a local innovator who creates new value through innovative activities in various walks of life.

Choi Dae-yong, professor of global public administration at Yonsei University, said, “Lee has been active in a wide range of fields with domestic and international organizations for civil society, education, human rights, poverty, environment, energy, climate change, urban issues, social enterprise, and corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as volunteer activities from his youth to the present day.”

“Whatever he does, Lee generates sympathy from people with dedication, passion, sincere conversation and vision, and he is an example of entrepreneurship and innovation who achieves new values and goals,” Choi said, referring to Lee’s strengths.

Lee was also selected as the 2020 Face of Hope by the Disaster Overcoming Pan-national Council of Councils and the National Emergency Headquarters for COVID-19 for his contribution to overcoming the pandemic crisis

He is engaged in various activities as the president of Creative Enterprise Alliance, board member and director general of Future Strategic Planning at the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, director of B Lab Korea, vice president of External Affairs of Everyoung Korea and a steering committee member of Social Innovation Lab.