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Rapper Owen steps down from ‘Show Me the Money’ after report of drug use

Rappers of MKIT Rain Records (MKIT Rain)
Rappers of MKIT Rain Records (MKIT Rain)

Mnet announced Tuesday that rapper Owen of MKIT Rain Records is stepping down from the rap competition program “Show Me the Money,” following a local media report that he and four other rappers were found to have used marijuana last year.

The local Channel A News reported Monday that the police investigated MKIT Rain Records and found all five rappers of the label had used marijuana sometime in August and September last year at the company’s office. The five rappers were Nafla, Loopy, Bloo, Owen and Young West. While Young West is under trial, indictments against the four other were suspended.

Owen made the first round of season nine of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money” that started Friday, and was introduced in the first episode as a rapper who finally made it to the first round after five attempts.

Following Monday’s news report, Owen replied to rapper Bill Stax, formerly known as Vasco and who was convicted of marijuana use in 2018, on his Instagram on Monday, calling Bill Stax a “model citizen.” Bill Stax, who appeared on season three of “Show Me the Money,” is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

“How do you change the perception of those people?” replied Owen to Bill Stax on Monday.

Meanwhile, MKIT Rain Records posted an apology Monday.

“All the members of MKIT Rain Records admit our faults and are sincerely regretting and reflecting,” the company said on its social media.

Nafla and Loopy were the winner and runner-up, respectively, of the seventh season of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money.” Bloo gained renewed popularity this year after Lee Hyo-ri covered his “Downtown Baby,” which reached the top of the music charts three years after its initial release.

The indictments were suspended for Nafla, Loopy, Bloo and Owen as they were first-time offenders.

In Korea, those found guilty of the use of marijuana can be sentenced to up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 50 million won ($43,900).

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